Positive Parenting in the Muslim Home is available in paperback, e-book and audiobook:

The Islamic tradition is rich with values that parents strive to imbue in their children: respect, responsibility, integrity, love, and more. Parenting is all too often filled with sleepless nights, tears, and anxiety followed by endless doubts: “Did I do my best?” “What could I have done differently?” “Am I responsible?” Positive Discipline, a philosophy conceptualized by Dr. Jane Nelsen, provides a powerful model for channeling parenting struggles into proven methods that yield results.

Positive Parenting in the Muslim Home addresses real challenges faced by real families. This comprehensive book is essential for parents, caregivers, and educators seeking to nurture a grounded parent-child relationship built on connection. It is a book of hope. It invites the reader to:

      Approach parenting in Islam as a process of love and guidance

      Apply Positive Discipline tools to nurture Islamic values in matters of faith, relationships, and everyday life

      Empower children to be responsible, capable and proactive individuals

      Address sensitive issues constructively, including sex, drugs, bullying, and youth radicalization

      Resolve conflicts by focusing on solutions rather than punishments

Authors Noha Alshugairi and Munira Lekovic Ezzeldine share timeless principles, describe 49 effective parenting tools, and guide readers through various parenting challenges. Their experience spans all stages of development from birth to adulthood. The authors masterfully transform theoretical Islamic principles into living realities.


A Strong Family for a Strong Community.

Be there. Connect. Encourage. Love.